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About Visi

I warn you – Visi Weight Loss is not for the ‘casual dieter‘. This powerful formulation can make a real change in your life! Real people have had amazing results with this product, and it’s just one part of a healthy lifestyle, helping you control your cravings and eating habits.

Using it responsibly is key! Eat healthy at regular intervals, and add in at least moderate activity!

What is Visi Weight Loss?

Vísi Weight Loss is an all-natural formula that features our Scandinavian Berry Blend. This proprietary formula is designed to support the body’s weight control efforts on three major fronts – the conversion of body fat, thermogenesis, and appetite suppression.

What are the ingredients in ViSi Weight Loss ?

The potent antioxidant properties of the Arctic Cloudberry and Lingonberry support natural energy metabolism. It also includes Garcinia Cambogia, (HCA) a well-known botanical that suppresses appetite, inhibits fat production, and does not stimulate the central nervous system. Additionally, this powerful weight loss product contains Green Tea Extract, Geranium Oil Extract, L-Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia, and Rice Tea Leaf.

1. 100% Natural
2. Metabolizes Stored Fat
3. Suppresses Appetite
4. Higher Thermogenesis Rate
5. No Caffeine
6. Provides Superior Antioxidant Protection
7. Manages Stress and Mood
8. Encourages Mental Clarity & Focus

How are the Reviews? Does Visi Weight Loss really work?

Users are seeing fabulous results with this product! Add your success story to the list!

Diet Plan Video

It's kinda long but answers the questions like how to lose weight and what I eat for dinner/lunch and breakfast.